Reports from Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, The Philippines and Papua New Guinea claim that a strange creature wanders the forests of Southeast Asia at night. This creature is described as a 150 cm tall bipedal animal with purple skin and a green underside, with beady black eyes and a white "tooth-blade" on each jaw, speculated to be specialized lip scales. This animal is consistently described with gekkotan characterists, and several specscientists believe it to be a highly specialized terrestrial dendrosaur.

There are, of course, many problems with this hypothesis. For one, terrestrial dendrosaurs are virtually unheard of outside of New Caledonia and neighboring Melanesian islands, and this creature, affectionately referred to as "Orang Bnarni", is known from exactly the parts of the dendrosaur range where terrestriality is least common - as well as some areas where dendrosaurs are completely absent. Likewise, the Orang Bnarni is described with bizarre traits like a fast, hopping motion akin to that of HE's sifakas, something virtually unknown in gekkotans. However, there is basically no other possibility for the identity of the Orang Bnarni, and some features, like the presence of an opposable thumb, resonate with the idea that this is a very unusual secondarily terrestrial relative of the puusa.

Sightings of the Orang Bnarni tend to be generally very brief, most of them occurring in liminal times of the dawn or dusk, with a couple of reports on moonless nights. On all occasions, the creature jumps from the forest, trotting around in its hopping motion, before leaving, usually accompanied by a strange hand gesture similar to waving. On some occasions, it appears accompanied by what appears to be a ceratopsian of some sort, and on others it produces strange song-like vocalizations, which some witnesses claim to be a form of broken English. The exact length of these events may vary from a couple of seconds to almost half an hour, the longer events sometimes described as "more surreal", and in at least one report involving the creature clapping its hands and producing a sound akin to a nursery rhyme.

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