The Aerosaur, Aerosaurus verdens, is a green, herbivorous, anole-like, arboreal, gliding iguanian lizard from the jungles of Skull Island. It has an adaptaion remarkably similar to gliding frogs. It measures 7-10 inches long.

In testimony to the boundless ingenuity of nature, aerosaurs are, like the feather devils and the flizards, yet another convergent line of unrelated gliding lizards native to Skull Island. Being able to escape a predator on the wing, it would seem, is too valuable a card to pass up when being dealt a hand in evolution. With webbed membranes between their long toes and along their limbs, these herbivorous, anole-like, airborne lizards can sustain only short glides from bough to bough, but they are usually enough to save them from the jaws of arboreal centipedes like Idolon venefaucus or other flightless canopy predators.

The agile Skull Island hawk, however, is not so easily avoided. The handsome bluish bird can adeptly pluck an aerosaur out of the air in midflight.