The Arachno-claw, Arachnocidis, is a large, predatory, spiderlike hexapod from the chasms of Skull Island. They measure 4-6 feet long.

The nightmarish arachno-claw is an oversized arthropod with a lifecycle as bizarre as its size and appearance. Living in the lightless chasms that rent the fractured island’s surface, they lay their microscopic eggs in the carrion they and their fellow pit denizens feed. Most never survive to hatching, destroyed by other carrion-feeders or drowned in the thick muck. However, a lucky few survive long enough to be ingested by the great Carnictis, later hatching in the worm’s gut, where they spend their larval stage living as intestinal parasites. Years later, fattened on the meat they steal from their worm host, they undergo a metamorphosis and emerge from the flatworm’s rectum as miniature versions of the adults, crawling out to join their parents as free-roving scavengers and predators of the “abyss.”

Arachno claw

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