Bardelot male

Male bardelot.

Bardelot female

Female bardelot.

The bardelot, Smilomys atrox, is a large, migratory, tundra-dwelling predator rat from the Northern Hemisphere tundra. It is the only real enemy of the woolly gigantelope, and is a creature that would have been very much at home back in the first half of the Last Glacial Period.

With the advent of the gigantelopes, the sabre tooth pattern in predatory mammals has reappeared, but this time among the predator rats. The bardelot, unlike other members of the group, exhibits sexual dimorphism in that only the female is equipped with sabre teeth (as well as a pouch for them, similar to Thylacosmilus, but not entirely) and hunts the woolly gigantelopes. The male, having none, resembles more the polar bears that once inhabited this latitude.

Female bardelot front

The female's sabers are formed from the outer crowns of her two front teeth (a pattern derived from that of a typical predator rat).

Female bardelot mouth

Pouch for saber teeth.

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