While birds may not have laid exclusive claim to the sky on Skull Island, they are represented in good number nonetheless. Their most impressive representatives are undoubtedly the giant flightless avians that rival some non-avian dinosaurs in size, but in the heights of the jungle canopy a collection of remarkable and unique species leave their own indelible stamp on the world's natural history.

Related to the carrion parrots, the martial parrot (1) is a handsome macaw-like bird. Skull Island has its own wood-pecking bird. The dark-wing (2) is not a true woodpecker but a species of broadbill, an example of convergent evolution. Likewise, the tiny brightbird (5) is a hummingbird analog related to Indonesian swifts. The handsome bluish Skull Island hawks (6) and venom-resistant hornbills (3) are predators of the treetops (the hornbill in particular eating centipedes like Idolon venefaucus while the hawk can adeptly pluck an aerosaur out of the air in midflight), while the ornately adorned dapper crow (4) is an opportunist, taking whatever morsels it can find, plant matter and smaller animals.

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