the Suslikov dog, colonial burrowing rodent, is one of the main species in the steppes Tryokhrechye, and its activity is largely determines the nature of the vegetation of these places. In the "small town" of these rodents, which stretch for hundreds of meters (and in some cases - for kilometers) below the surface, there was a kind of complex species, something reminiscent of cave fauna. The basis of the underground fauna constitute different burrowing rodents and lagomorphs, whose work ensures the existence of many underground animals. Among animal neighbors have special kinds of insects and several species of birds that use the burrows for nesting. Furthermore, colonies of rodents ensure the existence of a special creature - very specialized, exclusively subterranean species of predators - the blindweasel .

the blindweasel - the only totally blind kind of predatory mammals derived from least weasels (Mustela nivalis), specialized hunter of rodents. This little animal is covered with short velvety gray fur, with short legs and relatively long body (body length - about 30 cm, tail - up to 10 cm). In the blindweasel elongated head and short jaws with strong teeth. On the face grow long whiskers that allow to navigate in the dark.

On the front paws of the beast grows sharp claws, but this animal is almost does not know how to dig the earth, and lives exclusively in galleries dug by other animals. Spine the blindweasel very flexible: the animal is able to turn in narrow burrows Suslikov dogs.

Although the blindweasel completely blind, it does not prevent her to catch prey in the dark dungeons: from her keen sense of smell and excellent hearing. Ear shell, as opposed to the majority of underground animals, the blindweasel is well developed. While driving along the burrows, they are simply added along and pressed against the head. They are widely disclosed when a predator listens to the sounds of moving animals in burrows. the blindweasel hunts numerous underground animals, and at night can go up, guided by the smell. On the ground the blindweasel ruins terrestrial birds' nests and kills chicks.

These animals live alone, meeting only at the time of mating. Males have their territory, moving through the territories of the females. Female bears cubs 2 - 3 times a year, and caring for them yourself. It grows seed in the hole to a depth of 2 meters, paving the nesting chamber with dried skins of their victims. In a litter of five cubs helpless, covered with short hair. They sit in the nest for about a month, and then begin to accompany her mother and learn to hunt burrowing rodents. While driving the blindweasel teens lining up the chain holding the teeth of a skin on the thigh of the mother or each other. At two months of age, young animals leave mother and settled in systems of burrows of rodents.

In winter the blindweasel becomes dormant. In the north area hibernation lasts from December to early March in the south - about two weeks in mid-winter.

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