Boaropotamus with background by alexsone-d4ipfpw

Initial picture by Carlos Pizcueta (Electreel) Improved by Alexander Smyslov

The appearing of this species is an original “second attempt” of non-ruminant artiodactyls to be fixed in water habitats. After extinction of large hoofed mammals (including hippopotamuses) their ecological niche appeared free. Pigs due to the ecological plasticity, high rate of generation alternation and speciation managed to go through mass extinction.
The boaropotamus is the descendant of modern bush pigs (Potamochoerus porcus). It differs from them in the huge size: length of its body is up to 3 - 3,5 meters, height at a shoulder - up to 1,5 - 1,7 m, weight is up to 2 - 2,5 tons. A constitution is heavy-built, a head is huge (up to 80 cm in length). In a mouth there are the long canines bent up. Canines of the top jaw are given outside, bent in sides and upwards. This feature means of defense: the attacked animal aspires to hook on the opponent canines and to reject aside (modern boars defend also). The skin is almost hairless, grey, it is covered with thin hair. On a head and a neck hair are thick and longer, forming original "crest" (at males more marked, than at females). A head is flattish from above, eye-sockets and nostrils of an animal laying in water rise above a surface of water. A tail is up to 1 meter long, with a hairy brush on the end; by position of a tail animals express the mood. Legs are thick, hoofs are short; hoofs III and IV are well advanced, hoofs II and V can be not appreciable externally. The sole of a leg is covered with a layer of a cornificate skin (as at elephant’s foot).
This is a water animal, having a rest in the afternoon and sleeps in water, at night it leaves water to be grazed on land. Lives in the rivers, sometimes can be met in large not drying up lakes. At a drought animal is capable to pass in new reservoirs, making transitions on 100 - 150 kms. It lives in the herds consisting of several families under the leading of dominant males. Males show aggression to each other only in a breeding season.
Female gives birth to 1 - 2 cubs once a year, in the beginning of a rain season. Sexual maturity is in 5 years, animal lives till 60 years and more.