The broadbeak is the most massive predatory bird found in the coniferous forests.

The broadbeak, Pseudofraga sp., is a large, predatory starling from the coniferous forests of Europe (that being the western forests of the Northern Continent), from After Man: A Zoology of the Future.

The broadbeak is one of the larger birds of prey found in conifer forests in general, having a wingspan of over a meter. It is descended from the starlings, which expanded to fill the gap left when many of the ancient predatory birds became extinct during the reign of humanity. It has a rounded tail and broad, blunt wings, which enable it to fly swiftly and maneuver in the tight spaces between the trees. It has a straight, powerful bill and strong talons, which it uses to grip its prey. The broadbeak's closest living relative, Parops lepidorostrus, is a totally different creature.