As a result of activity of the man the species structure of the Australian fauna has strongly changed. So, on continent appeared intentionally or casually representatives of various groups of placental mammals are delivered. After disappearance of the man the part of species, being his satellites (synanthropic species) has become extinct, but some ones managed to adapt to life in wild. Among them there were also dromedaries (Camelus dromedarius). Unknown to a science in a wild condition, they quickly ran wild and perfectly adapted to life in extreme conditions. This endurance also has allowed them to go through mass extinction, and subsequently to be ancestors of one successfully surviving group of animals of Neocene Australia.  The camelope is not the real antelope, but the small species of the camels who have adapted to fast running. Camelopes live by herds (up to 50 - 80 heads, usually this number is less) in plains and in woodlands, eat grass and leaves of bushes. Growth of an adult animal at a shoulder is up to 1 meter, weight - up to 50 kg. Legs are long, brawny; the animal can accelerate momentum up to 70 kms per hour on a short distance. Distal phalanxes of fingers are small; hoofs are big, the basic loading at run falls on them. A hump on a back is not present. Neck is long, head is small, wedge-shaped, an face part of scull is lengthened. A wool is short, brownish-yellow. On a crown there is a bunch of long white hair, at males longer, than at females. Tail is short. Female gives birth to pair of cubs once in 2 years. Colts do not differ from the adult individuals on body colouring. They are born very advanced and are capable in 3 hours after birth to follow herd. About 6 months of life they feed basically by parent milk, gradually passing on vegetative food. Sexual maturity comes at the age of 4 years.

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