Predatory mammal of insectivore order (Insectovora) and the large representative of group: body length is up to 30 cm, a tail - up to 20 cm. The head is short, the muzzle is extended to very short proboscis, jaws are strong, and top canines are long, visible at the closed mouth. Brain is small, brain cave of skull is low. Sight is almost three-dimensional, eyes are rather large. Wool is short, rusty-red color with dark cross strips on paws and spots on the head and on the back, the tail is hairy, its tip is light red. Animal looks like the marten because of its proportions: paws are short, but tenacious. It can swarm up branches and make jumps up to 3 meters. This predator eats any animals which it can catch and kill: birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects. This is the solitary animal living in territory strictly protected from neighbours. 2 - 3 times per one year the female gives rise to 5 - 6 cubs. Up to 3-week age they remain in shelter (usually in tree-trunk hollow), later hunt together with mother and quickly become independent. Sexual maturity comes at 3 months, life expectancy is insignificant: till 3 years.

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