The vast plains of the planet Darwin IV are among the alien world's main environments. The plains of the northern hemisphere make up most of Planitia Borealis while the plains of the southern hemisphere make up most of Planitia Australis. The plains also continue through Sinus Columbus, the great pass through the Equatorial Mountains. The habitats within them vary from grasslands to deserts.

These great open grasslands, which many believe to be ancient seabeds, are home to the overwhelming majority of Darwin IV's fauna. Many species have evolved into giants, a phenomenon believed to be a result of the planet's relatively low gravity (.6 of Earth) and the oxygen-rich atmosphere.

The plains support a wide assortment of fauna ranging in size from small ground-burrowing scavengers (like hoppercones), through the browsing tripedaliens and the predatory bipedalien liquivores, to the immense air-sifters, each delicately situated in its ecological niche.

Native life forms

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