The Decarnocimex is a large, carnivorous, flightless ensiferan from the chasms of Skull Island. These and other meat-harvesting opportunists at the base of the pits ply their macabre trade, carving up the corpses of the pits’ victims. It measures 5-10 feet long.

Decarnocimex are flesh-eating, oversized ensiferans, related to crickets, with bladed forelegs for tearing apart carcasses of any other creature, such as a ceratopsian. Aggressive hunters as well as scavengers, Decarnocimex will attack smaller animals unfortunate enough to fall into their hellish domain, carving them up with their claws and razor-sharp mandibles.

Female Decarnocimex will cut corpses into small chunks, drag the meat to a small hole, and deposit it inside, along with a clutch of eggs, sealing the hole afterwards. The young will then hatch and subside off of the meat until large enough to break through the seal and venture out into the chasm proper.