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Dinosauroid and basal relative by povorot

The dinosauroid is a concept created around the 70's to 80's, based in the hypothesis that if the non-avian dinosaurs weren't extinct in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, they would have had the possibility that they had developed a high intelligence at the same level of human beings. These representations of this possible hypothetical sapient dinosaur at first were  described as humanoid creatures, however in present times, this vision changed radically due to the inconsistencies that occurred in the humanoid model and preserving the theropod shape.


The idea of possible intelligent descendants of dinosaurs had been described in different types of media, including Car Sagan's book The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, where he mention a possible descendant of Saurornithoides if these never became exinct, having a "base 8" arithmetic system.

The most familiar concept of all is probably the one created by Dale Russell around 1982, being the candidate species in this case the Troodon, This did so under certain criteria, including that he pointed out that there was a steady increase in the encephalization quotient or EQ among dinosaurs (the relative brain weight when compared to other species with the same body weight) , and observed that although Troodon's EQ was low compared to humans, it was six times greater than that of other dinosaurs. Under these calculations, he inferred that the rate of growth over the millions of years would have culminated in the development of a brain with the same capacities as ours. Other features speculated on this 

model were also the development of opposable fingersm as various reptiles and birds their genitals would not be visible, the way they would feed the young would be regurgitated and their mode of communication would sound like birds.

After a few decades with this model, with new discoveries about dinosaurs and with new interpretations and speculations, had arrived to change quite the conclusions about how sapience in dinosaurs could evolve and how these could look.

Dinosauroids now

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