Tiny marsupial mammal (length of a body is up to 4 cm, a tail - 6 cm). It reminds by proportions the mouse with big ears and eyes. Paws are prehensile, fingers have grown together in groups (I + II; III + IV + V), tail is hairless and prehensile. Wool is colored in ochre-red color, on a head there is longitudinal black strip, around of eyes white "glasses" are, stomach is white.

Animal has remarkable habit of life: it frequently is meeting in wool of large ground mammal, eating their parasites and the insects casually got in wool. But the animal can live quite independently, in tree-trunk hollows, eating non-parasitic insects. In this case the animal nevertheless renders services of the cleaner to large animals. It involves possible "clients" by original method: animal’s repugnatorial glands near to the basis of a tail are well advanced. Secret of these glands emitting by mammal at will has the pleasant musk smell involving "client" animal to dwelling of the cleaner. Usually large and settled animals (for example, at the predators living in a certain lair, or at burrowing animals living in a constant settlement) have constant cleaners, making habitation near their shelter. Some mammals of this species are capable to live any time and even to breed on backs of large groundsloth rodents, being settled on their backs to new territories. Settled animals hibernate during the winter, but ones living on a body of groundsloth rodents keep activity all seasons. This marsupial breeds in the beginning of spring, the female gives rise to 4 - 7 cubs which will spend in mother’s marsupium about 6 weeks. Further cubs keep on a back of the female up to 10-week age, eating milk and gradually passing on adult food. At the age of 13 weeks they pass to independent life.

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