Aqorax n
As of 21 century corvine bird (Corvidae) are the most advanced family of birds. They differ by high abilities to adaptation, complex behavior and ability to restore number of species quickly. Therefore it is possible to tell with confidence, that these birds will have the big evolutionary and biological progress in the future, having evolved set of new species developing new, earlier inaccessible ecological niches.

The eagleraven is one of such species. It is the descendant of the raven (Corvus corax) which has an active predatory habit of life, having replaced predatory birds, many of which had not survived through mass extinction.
It is the sizable bird: wingspan is up to 2 meters, length of the body – about 1 meter (including tail), weight is up to 8 kg. Coloring is brown with black strips on feathers, on back it is more dark, wings and tail are black. Head and beak are colored black, eyes are black. Beak is strong, high, bent on the end. Paws are not feathered, have big claws using for killing catch. Bird can not carry catch in paws, carries small prey in a beak, large prey is tore off to pieces and is carrying in beak or in craw. Eagleraven eats tiny and medium-sized animals, cubs of large animals, dead fish and carrion. In winter time this bird can attack by group large herbivores (for example, harelopes).
It nests in pairs, out of nesting season birds gather in groups of 3 - 6 ones. The nest is huge (diameter up to 3 meters, up to 2 - 3 meters height), it is built of branches with litter of dry grass; this construction is used by the same pair during many years, is repaired and built on annually. In clutch there are 3 - 4 eggs, in years poor in catch - only 1 - 2. Featherless and blind nestlings hatch in middle of spring. They begin to see clearly and start to become covered by down on 2-nd week of life. In the age of 2 months the down is replaced with feathers. 4-month's fledglings try to fly. For 5 months they left nest and during the first winter keep with parents.

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