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The Feather Devil, Pinnatudeamus pernix, is a small, bizarre, almost dinosaur-like, gliding lizard from the jungles of Skull Island. It measures 4-6 inches long.

Among the most remarkable of the gliding lizards of Skull Island is the almost fairylike feather devil. Totally unrelated to any of the other gliding lizards on the island, feather devils have developed attenuated scales analogous to a bird’s feathers. These lay flat along the unique lizard’s sides while climbing and hunting, but flick open to allow the little insect-eater to flit from tree to tree in pursuit of prey.

Of all the gliding lizards, they are the most agile in the air, changing direction in midflight to chase insects or avoid a larger predator (like a wicked weaver) with graceful ease.

Feather devils can bark and do so to communicate with each other in the dark of the jungle. Males bark to proclaim ownership of territory and to impress mates. At certain times of year the forest rings with the froglike croaks of hundreds of the tiny lizards laying claim to their particular stretches of branch.