Featured Articles are the best of the best on Speculative Evolution Wiki; scenarios/timelines/projects that meet a series of criteria;

  1. Well-written: the vocabulary, spelling, and overall structure of the scenario and pages categorised under the name are excellent, reaching or exceeding a professional standard of writing;
  2. Understands evolution: the author understands and institutes, as well as displays knowledge of, the concepts of evolution, detailing how life most likely would evolve in any given scenario;
  3. Comprehensive: the scenario needs to be informative and engaging, with a number of pages detailing facts within the given timeline, and uses more than one page to do so;
  4. Collaborative: if the scenario is a community project/timeline , any author wishing to put any information or data within it should be part of a peaceful collaborative effort;
  5. Supplements: the portal (main) page of the scenario, as well as pages under its categorization, should have supplements; photos, maps, tables, videos, ect.

Any debate about this criteria should be posted in this page's comment section bellow.

If a scenario is featured, please place this template at the top of the portal page, thank you.


If you wish to nominate a scenario/timeline/project, please follow the following instructions;

  • Choose the scenario of your choice, and in the space bellow, please write why you believe it should be a featured article. If the opportunity presents itself, also please explain what can be changed/fixed.
  • After which, any registered user can either support or object to the scenario becoming a featured article. You must explain your position, then post your signiture.
  • One week after the nomination is made, if over 50% of users support the nomination, the scenario will become a featured article. 


Page - Intelligence

Reasoning - Very thorough explanation of animal intelligence and such.

Supporters - Marcello27, Ibexgod, JaggerButtermilk

Objectors -

Suggestions -

Page - Thalassa: A diamond against the roughness of space

Reasoning - Very well written; with information that gives reader full understanding of Thalassa.

Supporters - JaggerButtermilk, Marcello27 

Objectors - 

Suggestions -

Page - Mud Sutty

Reasoning - Well writen, has been around for a long time, finished (?)

Supporters -

Objectors - Marcello27, Ibexgod, JaggerButtermilk

Suggestions - Needs more topic-based world choice and detailed explanations. Barely meets criteria. Also, it is preffered to have more pictures. -- JaggerButtermilk

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