This easily built herbivore is the ecological analogue of deer and the close relative of the African grass harelope, differing from it by the large size, longer and thick wool, and also by shorter ears.

Weight is up to 60 kg and more, in size animal is like large deer (height at a shoulder is up to 140 cm). Coloring of wool during the summer is dark brown with white stomach and "glasses" around of eyes, to winter it changes to white. The "hoofs" formed by horn cover of fingers are wide, to winter their size is increased due to fringe of rich wool that freely allows an animal to run on snow surface, almost not failing through it.
The breeding period is in the beginning of winter, with occurrence of the first snow. Males push each other by shoulders, trying to tumble opponent down on the ground. In especially fierce fight it happens, that males bite each other. The winner gathers "harem" of 3 - 5 females and pairs with them, protecting them from contenders within approximately week. At this time it utters the sounds reminding cough, warning contenders. At the end of spring at the female 2 advanced cubs are born which are feeding together by all suckling females of herd. By coloring the young growth nothing differs from adult animals.
Voice of an animal is bleating, at danger - sharp loud whistle.

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