The Future Predator 
Predator 2
Mutated Preds

Mutatied future pred

is a large, flightless predatory descendant of the bat, occurring in the television series Primeval. It hunts in packs, using echolocation to home in on its prey. Similar creatures to the Future Predator appeared in Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future, as the Night Stalker of Batavia. In an alternate timeline, the Future Predators became mutated, presumably as an adaptation to their newly-formed harsh desert environment, created by ARC mogul Philip Burton. Although the exact type of bat which they are descended from is currently unknown, it is presumed that it is some type of vampire bat, judging purely from these creatures' appearances. Based on their teeth, it is assumed that they have become carnivorous.

Mutated Future Predators differ from the other Future Predators in several aspects of their anatomy, and in their behavior. First of all, they have much longer tails than the original Future Predators. Second of all, they have armor over their heads, on their ears, on their backs, on their elbows, on their knees, on their shoulders, and on some parts of their tails. This is so that they can protect themselves against the hot sun of their desert habitat. They coexist with the Giant Burrowing Insect and the Future Beetle in the same habitat: the harsh desert environment, which was presumably created by ARC mogul Philip Burton. As with the usual Future Predators, these are descended from an unknown species of bats (presumably, vampire bats). They are also aggressive, and often fight with other members of their own species.

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