Future shark
2 4 future shark on forklift

The future shark is the future development of a modern shark. It seems that some sharks deep water, but it has a special adaptation: a very long tongue armed with spikes that can be drawn from the jaw like a harpoon. Modern day sharks such as the tiger shark have been found with litter in their stomach, including plastic bags, boxes and license plates of vehicles: basketball - ball and shoes found in the stomach shark future could be a reference to this. In episode 2.4 this creature ready to attack Jenny Lewis in the water before he was shot by Stephen Hart, then captured by the team suspected of killing a boy. After reviewing the creature in their CRA Nick Cutter concluded that it was probably a descendant of the shark. As no remains of the boy were found in the stomach of the animal, and sharks usually take several days to digest their prey, he did not kill the boy disappeared.

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