The huge herbivore adapted for leaf and branch browsing in high trees. It lives by family groups of 5 - 9 animals, including the male, sexual matured females, several youngsters and colts. Lives in woodlands, occasionally comes to edge of wood. This species is up to 4 meters height (the male is larger than the female), surpasses fossil American species Alticamelus. A neck the long, wide-forehead head is the wedge-shape formed, lips and tongue are covered by thick skin, tongue is very long and flexible (it is extended on 40 cm from a mouth). On the top part of shoulders and in the beginning of a back there is a wide flat fat hump. Wool is short, dark-brown coloured with longitudinal yellowish stripes on a neck, crupper and legs. A tail is long. Legs are long, but distal phalanxes of fingers form wide "pad": the animal runs rather slowly (up to 40 kms per hour). It can actively protect itself from the enemy by impacts of legs and stings, attacking predators by all group. The only colt is born once in 2 years. It is well advanced, about 1,5 m height, covered with a dark wool without stripes, already in half an hour after birth colt can follow group. Colt feeds by milk about 10 months, thus since first weeks of life it tries leaves from bushes. In 2 years it is already independent; sexual maturity at females comes at 5 years, at males - since 4 years. Animals live till 40 years.