After extinction of large herbivores ostriches there were the highest creatures of a savanna. Experiences on cultivation of these birds in the cold areas, spent in XX century, and also finds of fossils of these birds in the Central Asia have shown the high ecological plasticity of these birds. It allows suppose probable their survival in case of mass extinction of herbivores, despite of the large sizes of a bird. The giraffe ostrich is the highest animal of the Neocaenic Earth who are not making a concession on the sizes to the giraffe: the adult male in height up to 6 meters (sometimes there are record 7-meter high giants), the female is up to 5 meters, just a hatched chick - 0,7 m. An egg of the giraffe ostrich in volume is up to 7 litres; term of an incubating is about 75 days. In a clutch there is up to 15 - 16 eggs laid by 2 or 3 females. Only females hatch the clutch, the male can not do it because of the big weight (up to 900 kg), but he protects territory around of a nest and takes part in a care of a hatch. It is sluggish bird, at run accelerates momentum only up to 40 kms per hour. The bird eats leaves which are frayed by stones in a muscular stomach and further are fermented in a ferruterous department of a stomach. Frequently eats small vertebrates and a carrion. Giraffe ostrich is capable to drive away predators from killed prey. Enemies are only at nestlings, the adult bird successfully defends by impacts of legs on any predator. Voice of a nestling is a chirp and a peep, adult birds are usually silent, only occasionally issue an indistinct growling. In a breeding season the male utters a powerful hoarse buzzing, inflating a neck and accompanying to it by demonstration of magnificent feathers on the wings unwrapped by a fan.

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