One more species of monkeys, whose ancestors have survived at the time of mass extinction. It is the descendant of the modern monkey gelada (Theropithecus gelada), the inhabitant of mountain meadows of Africa. Strongly having increased in size (the adult male weighs up to 250 kg, the female - up to 150 kg, growth of the male on hinder legs is up to 2 meters), this primate is the strictly vegetarian. A constitution is reminding the gorilla’s one: hands are long, a back is inclined. A tail is very short, only magnificent hairy brush of hair is appreciable outside. On a breast there is a bright red spot around of which the strip of white wool is appreciable. The face is hairless, rose-red color. Jaws are short and wide, teeth are powerful, canines are only a little longer than incisors. Color of wool is pitch-black, males have the ash-grey mane similar on lion's, cubs are grey, later they become darken. Gorilladas lives in warm light forests and on well warmed up slopes of mountains, keeps by herds on 30 - 40 individuals, consisting of several family groups under the leading the male. Eats tubers and bulbs, leaves and seeds of graminoids. Occasionally, some herds pass in a savanna to the moment of plentiful fruiting of trees, but after the ending of tree fruiting they come back to mountains.
Neocene gorillada by pristichampsus-d4jxmqv