The graceful and harmonous descendant of lagomorphs becoming ecological analogue of antelopes. It lives by herds of some tens of animals on plentiful pastures gathering to herds including 150 - 200 animals. Weighs up to 50 kg, height up to 1,5 m at the shoulder. A constitution is fragile, a tail is short, legs are long: harelopes are adapted to run by jumps (in case of danger it can accelerate momentum up to 80 kms per hour on a short distance and make single jumps up to 5 meters). Claws on legs have turned to a common horn cover for fingers (3 on each leg; on a forward leg only II and III are well advanced, IV does not get up to the ground; on a back leg III is especially advanced). The wool is short, it is coloured in sand color with randomly scattered spots of chestnut color. The hearing and sight are well advanced, sense of smell is keen. Females bear two times per one year on pair cubs with opened eyes, randomly striped. Cubs are brung up by all feeding females of herd: it gives a chance to survive even to the orphaned kids. Males live together with herd, but in a breedind season strongest of them has the right of priority to be coupled to females. A usual voice is a silent snort, let-go cry of the male - a chirp, alarm cry is the loud whistle.

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