The Hillvine is a common, short, blue plant from the foothills of the Equatorial Mountains of Darwin IV. These were named by the First Darwinian Expedition's human chief botanist Dr. Dorothea Kay.

Though there are occasional dense pockets of scrub-growth between the hills, the greater portion of ground is covered by these short, blue plants no more than 15 centimeters high and seemingly quite tenacious. The hillvine is seen to grow in very inhospitable spots such as the undersides of overhanging cliffs and along the steep sides of rocky fissures. A prolific plant, it covers the uplands right to the base of the mountains. Blotted all about on this beautiful, blue carpet are countless gray, lichen-covered boulders, contrasting in color against the vine, whose tendrils can be seen braided amongst the boulders.

They are often fed upon by Keeled Sliders.