The jetdarter is a small, common, multicolored flyer from Darwin IV that comes in several different species and is the prime opportunistic scavenger of the planet.

One species is the brilliant-colored rainbow jetdarters, which can flash through foliage in small, scavenging schools.

Another species is the cobalt jetdarter, which makes polyhedral hives in plaque-bark trees (sometimes in trees that grow on the backs of keeled grove-backs).

Jetdarter Anatomy

The jetdarter retracts and folds its legs into aerodynamic trim for flight. Powered by the biological equivalent of a ramjet engine (with a bone-and-gristle turbine), this swift flyer sometimes reaches speeds of up to 150 kph.

In attendance to a large predator chasing down a smaller-sized prey animal, a school of jetdarters will follow, the small flyers opportunistically sensing an imminent kill. It, itself, is the main prey of the finned snapper.
Rainbow jetdarters

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