KraKKen: Adventure of Future Ocean is an animated film. The story takes place in a futuristic ocean around 80 million AD. 

Video here:

Animals in animation:

  • Krakken

    Family of Krakkens

    Contrary to its name, The Krakken isn't a giant cephalopod, but a future cousin of the Sea lion. Filling the role of whales, they have evolved a similar structure to their baleen from their whiskers. The male is smaller than the female. These are the largest creatures seen in the film. Adults have no enemies, but their offspring are vulnerable to predators (like the Jabberwockys), which is why they live in family groups. The main protagonist of the story is a Krakken pup. 



These birds physically look like penguins (they are presumably descendants of which). Their bodies, such torpedoes are hydrodynamic which also allows them to fairly large depths at high speed. Their beaks with teeth (or tooth-like structures) and their hind legs are used as rudders. They live in groups.



It is not whether these strange marine-bells are jellyfish or merely algae that resemble jellyfish but what is certain is that they exist a symbiosis between them and the sea birds (that breathe and make their nests in the interior) and the natural marine-bells these birds carry under their feathers, eggs.



Sea-lizards: These descendants of lizards resemble the fin lizard of After Man: A Zoology of the Future. They are aquatic piscivores similar to seals today, using their tails as propulsion motors and legs as rudders to catch fish. They have become vivrent in cold depths but as with the marine iguana of our time, these animals must rise to the surface to breathe, breed, rest and especially for warmth. The one serves their companions to our protagonist.



 Named after the creature from English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, and photographer Lewis Caroll's poem, these are agile and quick otter descendants predator who occupy the ecological niche left by killer whales. They hunt in packs, feeding on everything from fish, to sea-birds, sea-lizards and even young Krakkens. They have a long prehensile neck, allowing them to catch all what is around them and their jaws are retractable. They are the antagonists of the film.

Other ambient creatures are fish (mackarel, golden butterflyfish, moorish idol, flying fish), flying sea-birds and sea cucumbers.


A film by Jerzy Kular (1996)

Art Direction: Jean-François Henry, Violaine Janssens-Boisnard

Sound: Hideki Isoda, Modern Times

Produced by: Xavier Nicolas, Ex Machina

Animal design is worked by the Paleo-artist Marc Boulay, based on the work of the British paleontologist Dougal Dixon's studies and conjectures about animal evolution.

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