Picture by Alexander Smyslov

Small species of the family: the size of a small pigeon. The characteristic features of this type - a small comb (size - no more than a bird's head) lemon-yellow color and jet-black plumage. It lives in the trees, feeding on relatively solid fruits and seeds. Beak short, adapted to the splitting of seed shells.

An interesting ritual recognition of birds of its kind: with the head slightly lowered and the long feathers on the nape of fluff, like a rooster ready to fight. bright "helmet" most clearly visible against the rearing pens. At this time the bird finely shakes his head and emits a sound similar to the buzz.
This species differs aggressiveness in relation to related species: birds alone can attack the enemy even surpassing it in half by weight.
Voice of birds of this species - staccato whistle, published in series of 5 - 6 signals with a small pause.

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