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Plate XIX Littoralopes getting inside the remains of a Emperor Sea Strider remain

The littoralope is a large quadrupedalien inhabitant of  the littoral zone around the Amoebic Sea on Darwin IV, being gregareous creatures that move in large herds throughout these regions.

The Littoralope has a voluminous body, with very protruding hips and shoulders, short legs but with long, sturdy feet, and a medium sized arrow-shaped head with two long protuberances extending to the sides facing backwards and a large nostrils in the upper part, with a small mouth similar to that of a catfish below. Its skin is smooth, being quite polished and without any rough or irregular texture except in the belly that has striations through it. Being predominantly white, and apparently these are able to glow its whole body in a green ligth tone in the dark, a feature no found in other species. These lives in long herds of tens of individuals, constantly communicating with sounding pins to each other (although no sign of being complex communication). They seem to be omnivorous, able to feed on any type of material, including the matrix of the amoebic sea.

In the events of the Expedition a group of about 20 individuals was found by Barlowe near the head of an Emperor Sea strider referred as an "Organic Cathedral", these seeking cover of the rain into the cyclopean head. When the rain stopped, the herd headed towards the coast of the amoebic sea, putting themselves all in a line aligned to the coast, they began to devour the matrix, feeding a 40x2 meter section in one hour each one.

Alien Planet

Unlike its counterpart in the book, the littoralope of the documentary presents too many changes in its physical and behavioral traits. These are not withe and able to glow, being predominantly dark gray with some purple/orange coloration, with a more rugged and scaly skin, being covered by several plates around the body and part of the limbs, its legs are larger and the feet smaller and circular, with several protuberances below this (probably a kind of toes), and has a "false head" in the tail. This apparently is not only limited to the littoral areas of the amoebic sea since they are shown in different environments, such as plains, grasslands and deserts. These are seen on several occasions across the documentary, these sightings include some near rising Grovebacks, other with a group hunted by skewers, being impaled and devoured by these, and a offscreen scene of the drones where it is shown a group hunted by a skewer before it was killed by an Eosapiens, to also show a butcher tree with many dead littoralopes around it, suggesting that these are hunted by these large sessile organisms too.