Administrator's Note: Due to the excessive and exaggerated amount of inaccuracies regarding the content within this wikia due to previous editions, please be careful to take some of the information from the articles as canonical to their respective source, this includes the affinity of the animals as some other extra information

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The online encyclopedia about speculative evolution that anyone who's responsible and constructive can edit, after reading our required reading so that it is clear what responsible and constructive means.

This is the wiki for pre-existing projects such as Snaiad, The Future Is Wild, Dougal Dixion's Work and Specworld (Which is currently undergoing a revival) and other speculative evolution projects that are not fan-made projects. The reason for this is to undo the spam that has been piling up since 2014 and restore interest in this website. If you wish to create an original project, please see

Remember that we do have quality standards and if the stuff you post is too low quality, i.e. bad ideas, implausibility, grammar and/or organization, we can and will give you a warning of deletion, and delete it a week after if quality isn't improved.

☀Since we are working on not only actual speculative evolution projects, NO fan made projects, and working on cleaning up the reputation on this wiki, these are the following speculative evolution projects that we will allow at the moment. If you want to contribute to finding information on these projects, feel free to do. 

  1. Olaf Stapledon, Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future (1930)
  2. Gerolf Steiner, Bau und Leben der Rhinogradentia (1957)
  3. Robert Forward, Dragon's Egg (1980)
  4. Kurt Vonnegut, Galápagos (1985)
  5. Stephen Baxter, Evolution (2002)
  6. C.M. Kosemen, Life on Snaiad
  7. Gert van Dijk, Furahan Biology and Allied Matters
  8. Mex, The Ambarra project (Russian language)

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Before to start

We try to improve the information and quality of the articles on speculative evolution and its sub-topics, so take these recommendations into account in the creation or edition of an article.
  • No copypaste of other works
  • Try to make your article with good grammar
  • Your article must be larger than just 2 paragraphs or a bunch of sentences
  • No fan projects about popular spec evo works like The Future Is Wild or After Man
  • Your article and information should be relevant

If you're new to speculative evolution, consider checking out our tutorials. You can also help out with tutorials, such as the speculative biology series and guide to phylogeny

If you want to create a personal project pls pass to our forum [1].

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