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Due to constant spam, trolls, and poor organization of this wiki, this is now completely obsolete and its use is not anymore related to the speculative evolution as known, anyone wanting to work or create projects, please join or try to work with us in the Speculative Evolution Forum, so that their projects are functional.

Sincerely, DT

Activity on the wiki will evidently continue, but keep in mind this place is completely and utterly out of line and left behind with relation to all other online communities in the concept and idea of Speculative Evolution. Another wiki with arguably more significance on wikia should be easy to find, you should know it when you find it.

Sincerely, Myotragus

Note: If you're over here and interested in editing the content relating to spec evo and its history, please just bring it over to the other aforementioned wiki for starters, and everything will be figured out from there.

Sincerely, Corvus coracis

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