Mars gr1
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Picture by Eugeny Hontor

The descendant of the flathead marsupial mouse (Planigale subtilissima), the small marsupial predator of modern Australia The small size and an injurious mode of life have allowed this animal to assimilate feed by placental rodents introduced to Australia - mice and rats. The occurrence of a new predator - the marsupial hermin - also became a result of this adaptation.

It is an animal of the small size: length of a body is up to 20 cm, a tail - 15 cm, height at a shoulde - 6 cm. Legs are short, fingers have well advanced claws; the animal is capable to get on high trees without effort though it hunts on the ground and in holes of rodents more often. A head is flat and extended forward, face part of scull is short, brain part is long and low. Teeth are peaked and cutting. Colouring of the body is straw-coloured with a dim longitudinal brown strip on a ridge, a tip of a tail is dark, belly is light-yellow.


Initial image - pictured by Pavel Volkov

Animal hunts reptiles, small rodents and marsupials, it is capable to eat rabbit cubs, as required it hunts birds. Occasionally it picks up the rests of catch of large predators. For day eats food in the amount equal approximately to half of its body weight.

The marsupium is well advanced, opening back. Cubs are born by female up to 6 ones, no more than 2 – 3 cubs survive and grow up to the age of independence: hungry cubs can eat weaker brothers. Cubs stay in marsupium about 2 weeks, further the female leaves them in a nest. At the age of 3 months cubs become completely independent and leave mother, in 5 months they grove to the size of an adult individual and become sexual matured. For one year it happens no more than 3 packs, at the year of plentiful catch – 4 ones. Live only 3 - 4 years.

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