Neophorbia hyperhalinus
These cones topped with green tufts are actually flowering plants of the genus Neomione hyperhalinus. Up to 3-4 meters in height, they colonized the coasts of the earth's future.

The Neomione store salt in a hollow tube that houses the stem, forming a kind of bark. Their flowers are housed in the green bush which caps each cone. Pollens, ultrafast, often cross oceans, transported by currents.

These new plants are inspired by sea purslane (Honckenya peploides) that still exist in the future (These fat plant that develop on our shores and tolerate high salinities).

The roots of Neomione are more or less dense depending on the type of soil. The shape of the cones varies depending on the salinity of the water.

The roots are Neomione aerial part and is home to teeming life. In the middle of the maze of their branching. It is between its roots as ducks future (Hadrornis laetus) build their nest. Moreover, droppings of Hadrornis are an ideal fertilizer to the plant that offers him lodging: fair exchange. The Neomione also house a kind of mushroom truffle flavor.

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