Bird prey

The largest of the owl-eyed predatory birds stands more than a meter high.

Great, nocturnal, temperate woodland and grassland-dwelling accipitrid birds of prey of the Posthomic (possibly descended from harriers), which combine the characteristics of the eagles and owls, wing their way silently through the branches, ever watching for an unwary movement on the ground that would denote the presence of a smaller animal. Their large forward-facing eyes, acting like wide-aperture lenses to increase the amount of light reaching the retina, give a three-dimensional image over their entire field of vision and enable them to accurately gauge distances and hunt in almost pitch darkness. Their prey includes the lutie. Another smaller animal that provides food for these birds of prey is the truteal.

These birds come from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. They are possibly descended from harriers, which have similar facial discs of feathers and long legs.