The Peracerdon, Peracerdon exitialis, is small, skilled dinosaurs from the coastlines of Skull Island. It measures 12-16 feet long.

A long snout armed with rows of thin-bladed teeth identifies Peracerdon as a fish-eater, though it readily takes seabirds, eggs, and even unguarded Skull Island fur seal pups when the opportunity presents. A specialized theropod, the elegant wader stalks the perimeter of the island, gripping the rocks with its viselike claws. Even heavy surf does not deter it. Peracerdon can strike quickly with long fore claws, or its gin-trap snout, to snatch prey out of the shoreline pools and along the water’s edge. A long tail balances Peracerdon as it clings in the slash zone, keen eyes piercing the waves to reveal fish and crabs.

Equally at home in calm or thrashing waters, Peracerdon are found all along the shoreline, from the surf-punished and crumbling reefs to the quiet coastal swamps.

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