Only two of the picktooth's toes are functional. The fourth toe on each of its front feet has developed into a spur.

The picktooth, Dolabrodon fossor is a little rabbuck from the tropical grasslands of Africa.

It feeds on low-growing herbs and roots, which it digs up with its tusks and spurs. Its second incisor teeth are developed into strong laterally directed tusks and it has long spur-like claws on the fourth digit of each forefoot. As it runs only on the second and third toes of each foot, the spurs do not hinder it.

Picktooth skull

The picktooth's skull is similar to a rabbit's.

The taller grasses are grazed by vast herds of larger African rabbucks, such as the strank and the watoo.
Picktooth head

Its tusks are developed from the second incisors.

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