the Pig-snouted tenrec

in the Neocene tenrecs are more dieverse . These animals became very large . a Very large members of the family roam the savannas of western part of the island. Rain forests in the east of the island are home to one more representative of the family the Pig-snouted tenrec , a descendant of the Tailless tenrec (Tenrec ecaudatus) of the human epoch.

Externally very similar to the large South American rodent agouti or tiny pigs Mauritius. This animal with a strong muscular body, large head and thin legs high. the animal's body length reaches 60 - 80 cm, of which about a quarter of the head with an elongated snout and a small skull. This animal has no tail.

the Pig-snouted tenrec body is covered with stiff bristly wool with an admixture of short needles. The largest number of needles grow on the crown and middle back. General color is dark brown but the crown and the middle line of the back light yellow, while some individuals are almost white. The lower part of the legs (from the knees and elbows to fingertips) are black.

the tip of the snout is hairless. The nose and the bridge of the nose covered with a thick naked skin that forms around the nostrils some semblance of swine "Piglet" (hence the name of the animal). Vision svinorylogo streaked very bad - animal and short-sighted from a distance of about ten meters badly distinguishes even large objects. But this is offset by an acute sense of smell and hearing, which are much more important to live in the shadows undergrowth of the rain forest.

the Pig-snouted tenrec eats small animals - insects, frogs and small reptiles. He willingly digs laying lizards and turtles. it is also feeding on carrion and the remains of large predators. Also, these animals very rarely eat vegetable food - ripe fruit falling from the trees. Teeth svinorylogo streaked peaked, adapted for eating soft food.

These animals are strictly solitary, and at a meeting between the two can fight ensued, followed by a piercing squeal and popping sound, reminiscent of a dog barking. Animals suffer the presence of relatives only when the females ready to mate. Male for some time held next to her, repeating the mating, the female is ready to accept it, and it drives away from other males. Further, the female simply drives it - in these mammalian females by about 20% heavier than males during fights usually prevail.

Gestation lasts about two months. The female gives birth to three cubs . She hides them in the den under the roots of a tree, while the cubs learn to walk and run - about 4 weeks. More two weeks young animals are kept close to the mother, learning to get food. After that, they begin an independent life. Puberty in this animal comes at the age of about 20 months.

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