Polar ravene winter coat

Winter coat.

Polar ravene summer coat

Summer coat.

The polar ravene, Vulpemys albulus, is a foxlike predator rat, similar to the arctic fox, that lives in the tundra of the Northern Hemisphere. It is the principal predator of the meaching.

It is about the size of the extinct fox and very different from its temperate woodland cousin, the temperate ravene.

It has a small head with tiny eyes and ears (an adaptation that prevents frostbite) and long, dull brown fur that turns white in the winter to camouflage it against the snow. It attacks the meachings by digging into the fortress with its front paws.

In early autumn the polar ravene molts its dull summer coat and grows a thicker creamy brown covering of fur.

Polar ravene face

Polar ravene face.

Temperate ravene face

Temperate ravene face.

Although the polar ravene is larger than the ravene of the temperate woodlands, it has smaller facial features.

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