Possets foraging

The posset, a forest-dwelling marsupial "pig", has four tusks, two projecting from its upper jaw and two from its lower jaw.

The possetThylasus virgatus, is a large, omnivorous, tapir/piglike peramelemorph from the undergrowth of the Australian tropical forests, in After Man: A Zoology of the Future.

The floor of the great rain forest of the Australian subcontinent is home for a number of marsupial mammals. One of the most generalized and successful of these is the omnivorous posset, the marsupial equivalent of both the tapir and the pig. Like its two placental counterparts, it wanders through the gloomy undergrowth in small herds, snuffling and scraping for food in the thin soil with its flexible, sensitive snout and protruding tusks. Cryptic coloration helps to conceal it from its enemies.

It and similarly-sized animals will used well-marked trails (made by giantalas as they crash through the thickets) as track ways, until they are reclaimed by the natural growth of forest.

Posset head

The posset forages in the soil with its long snout for roots and grubs.