Am wayne barlowe prairie ram

The ubiquitous prairie-ram.

The Prairie-Ram is a common, liquivorous, predatory bipedalien from the planet of Darwin IV, discovered in Planitia Borealis, in 2358, during the First Darwinian Expedition.

The powerful, liquivorous prairie-ram is one of the more ubiquitous predators of Planitia Borealis. Death of the prairie-rams' victims is always by thoracic impalement, a method which affords the hungry killer quick ingress for feeding. These creatures are so strong that many have been observed, heads imbedded in gory viscera, carrying their impaled prey across the plains for kilometers.

A strange sidebar of the prairie-ram's killing technique is the eloquent pair of skeletons it will leave behind. The pradator's cephalon will still be buried in the ribcage of its prey, locked in between the ribs and vertebrae of an internal puzzle that it cannot solve and will ponder for eternity.

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