"A splendid tripedalien bounded over a nearby hedge."

The Prismalope is a splendid, swift-moving, omnivorous tripedalien from the plains of Darwin IV that usually lives in herds and often chases after smaller creatures. It was first discovered one late afternoon during the First Darwinian Expedition, near the Chasma Cook in Planitia Australis.

After bounding after small prey and skidding to a halt, it pants hard through the eight vents on the sides of its massive, bony head. It can pace delicately, pinging slowly and flicking out its two grasping tongues in a parody of bewilderment.

One small prey it will often attempt to catch is the unnamed flyer. However, the little flyers will camouflage themselves among young butchertrees and their prismalope pursuers will end up being drained of fluids by the adult butchertree.


A wide variety of Darwin IV's major predators, like arrowtongues and skewers, feed on the fast-breeding prismalope, which is found in great numbers throughout the grasslands of the planet. The butchertree is one of the few, however, that entraps the prismalope rather than running it down.

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