The Qu are an ancient alien race, and are the main antagonists of All Tomorrows.


The Qu appear to be an insectoid species, with four wings, stalked eyes, and pincer-like jaws; they are also said to have aquatic larvae. They have a long prehensile tail that allows them to manipulate their appliances.



pyramid than one kilometer high

Little is known about their natural history or their origins. For a billion of years, they migrated between galaxies expanding their empire and self-modifying. After first contact with humanity, they quickly conquered and colonized every world that was habitable. The planet's inhabitants were transformed into strange devolved and monstrous creatures.

They dominated the galaxy for 40 million years, then moved on to follow their dogma of tailoring ecosystems as they see fit. After about 500 million years, the asteromorphs along with other extragalactic species re-discovered the Qu, subjugating them in the process.


They are described as masters of nanotechnology and in particular genetic engineering, as they have the ability to change living beings on other worlds as they see fit.

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