the sable dormoue (raptoglis zibellinus) is a carnivorous rodent that evolved from the edible dormouse. this is a small noctural predator around the size of a cat. in females the tail tip has a white tassel that is not present in males or it is far smaller . the brown fur of the sable dormouse is covered with black spots but in individuals from the shouuthern steppes the fur is straw yellow with beige spots . in males the white colour of their throat and chest is wider and brighter then in females . sable dormice are ambush hunters but in some cases they will try to approch the prey closely as they can . they feed on a variety of prey even large harlopes but also tiny insects . they are very good at climbing trees so they can jump on their prey from branches . after that they will bite the neck of the victim and kill it . they dwell in natural shelters both on the groun and up in the trees . they will occupy burrows of rodents too . those are solitary animals and males will kile the cubs of a female to mate with her . cubs are born twice a year during the later spring and the middle summer . 6 to 7 blind and naked cubs are born in litter .they become hairy at the age of 10 days and finnaly become independet at the age of two month . the white tip of the females tail is very important to the survival of her cubs : while moving in the grass the cubs will follow the white tip of theirs mother tail . during the winter they will rarelt enter short hibernation especially during a hard and cold winter .

the sable dormouse . drawing by electreel .

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