The descendant of the medium-sized jumping African rodent the springhares (Pedetes). It Lives by herds on 15 - 20 animals, dominating individuals do not happen in herd. Animal looks like long-eared fragile build kangaroo. its size is up to 80 cm in length, a tail - up to 1 m, height is up to 60 cm at the shoulder (in a sitting position), weight is up to 15 kg. the Colouring of the body is yellowish - grey with brown longitudinal stripes on a back, turning to spots on flanks. A stomach and forepaws are white. The cubsare grey-coloured with irregular brown spots, a stomach is dark. Cubs (one cub in brood) are born twice per year, at the age of one hour they are capable to follow herd. Kangoohoppers eat grasses, leaves of bushes and small trees. their Forepaws can dig roots and tubers of plants out of the ground. It is able to survive a long time without drinking water. Animal seeks safety of predator by running , accelerating momentum up to 40 kms per hour on a long distance, on short one - up to 60 kms per hour.

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