The Screeweed is a common, alpine plant from the Equatorial Mountains of Darwin IV.

The main diet of the cragspringer is the screeweed that covers the vertical rock faces. As with the cliff-polyps, the screeweed discharges its own odoriferous spores, sometimes in quantities sufficient to produce a haze over a larger area of mountainside.

A troupe of cragspringers will find such a cloud of spores to feed. The cloud probably triggers an instinctive feeding reflex, for a herd will start to bob their large heads up and down. They continue this motion as they draw nearer a stony wall of screeweed, producing loud sounds as they scrape their horny facial shells against the stones. The creatures are actually shaving off the screeweed in long strips with their feeding grooves. From these feeding habits, they leave multiple abrasion marks on the cliffs.

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