The relative of the wood eagleraven adapted for the feeding by seafood. It differs by larger size (length of the body is up to 120 cm, wingspan is up to 2,5 m, weight - up to 9 kg). Coloring is lighter, than at the wood neighbour: head is lead-colored, body is greyish - white, on wings there are short black strokes. Legs are longer, than at wood neighbours, claws are jagged from the inside. Beak is black with white tip, under the beak there is the area of featherless skin of bluish-grey color, eyes are black with rings of featherless skin of blue color. The voice is similar to strong cough, courtship cry – drawn-out trumpet sounds.

Sea eagleraven eats sea animals, can catch fishes from water surface (it is similar to osprey Pandion haliaetus and to African fish eagle Haliaeetus vocifer). Bird often eats carrion (it looks for it from height) and at an opportunity attacks nestlings of gannetwhales.
It keeps by pairs or groups of 5 - 9 birds, near large catch it can gathers to flights up to 20 birds. Nest is building on rocky areas of island in middle of spring of branches and cast ashore pieces of wood; litter is made of grass and dry seaweed. Present species is monogamous one, pairs are kept a long time: some seasons, sometimes up to the end of life. The male courts to the female walking around of it with highly risen head, "bows", utters breeding appeal. The joined pair of birds mutually cleans and feeds each other, searches for catch together. In clutch there are 2 eggs. Hatching lasts about 40 days. Nestlings are blind, covered with black down. They begin to see at 10-th day, completely become fledged by 6-th week of life. Young birds leave nest at the age of 3 months, up to the end of summer they keep with parents. Sexual maturity comes at the age of 3 years, life duration is till 50 years.
This is the migrating bird, spending spring, summer and an early autumn on northern islands, to winter it migrates to the south to large lakes and rivers. On flights this species forms congestions up to 40 - 50 birds.

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