Sepiants sapieens is a specie of social inteligent octopuslike creatures. They live in cold waters around ice poles ans build their homes in icebergs, they create corridors and halls by melting ice with accid, which they produce instead of ink. They have floating homes. They are transparent to be invisible for predators, they comunicate with ultrasound which is effective underwater and they use sonar to navigate through their home. They catch fish with nets and also care about some animals in their home. They are devided into four casts, workers, wariors, explorers and reproductioners (queen and reproductive males) the most inteligent casts are explorers and workers. Theyir tentacles are devided into three at the end, so they reseamble fingers. Morphology and functions of theyir tentacles and fingers vary between casts and single tentacles of an individual. For example workers tentacles are devided into four pairs, two for precise work, two strong tentacles for hard work, two with two horny/callous fingers reseambling claws and clutches and two flat tentacles which reseambles spoon with suckers. Reproductioners use theyir tentacles mainly as secondary sexual organs, explorers have tentacles simillar to workers but more sensitive and they also poses senses that other lacks and wariors have theyir tentacles adapted for fight and quick move. They are as inteligent as human bit are more social. They also have better sense of 3D space since they live in water and not on land.

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