The Skin-Bird, Cutisaves atroxoides, is a strange, almost birdlike volucerictid from the uplands of Skull Island. It has a 5-7 foot wingspan.

Skin-birds are another of Skull Island’s disturbing and unique flying rodent (volucerictid) species. Unlike the larger Terapusmordax, skin-birds do not cluster in colonies but live singly. They are dedicated hunters, purely carnivorous. They eat only small lizards and other flightless creatures, since they are not nimble enough to take flying prey in the air. Skin-birds are not as adept on the wing as most of the other volucerictids, they are gliders more than full flyers. They hunt in the air but land to catch prey.

Skin-birds are among the only species that seem unperturbed by the noxious dung smell of Terapusmordax colonies. Brave individuals will penetrate a colony to prey on their pups, but they will have to be quick to get in and out before being set upon by the bigger volucerictids. Terapusmordax will drive skin-birds away from their colonies when they spot them.

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