11 kong skullisland
The canopy of Skull Island’s jungle plays host to the world’s biggest and strangest chameleons. Evolving in isolation after some chance colonization several million years ago, they have grown to gigantic proportions in certain species and most embrace a diet of high-energy canopy fruit. The largest variety is almost three feet long.

Their natural climbing skills allow the different species to clamber into the highest branches to obtain their prizes, while their mimetic camouflage partly protects them from arboreal predators though it mostly serves in sexual and territorial displays. A half dozen species have developed on the island, most of them being exclusively fruit-eaters. Two chameleons are omnivorous and supplement their fruit with insects when they can be found while a third species dines entirely on sap and nectar.

Example species

  • Trident Chameleon, Chamaeleo cuspis (7-9 inches long)
  • Chamelephant, Furcifer barrus (25-33 inches long)
  • Honey-Tongue, Chamaeleo mellilingus (12-18 inches long)
  • Fat Chameleon, Furcifer adipatus (30-36 inches long)