Separate races of slobber are found on different species of tree and creeper, each race's hair varying in texture to blend in with the surroundings. The slobber's young are carried protruding motionless from the pouch in their mother's abdomen.

The slobber, Reteostium cortepellium, is an arboreal, sloth-like possum that lives in Australian tropical forests.

A less energetic tree-dweller than the chuckaboo, the slobber can be thought of as a kind of marsupial sloth that spends nearly all of its life hanging upside down from trees and creepers. It is totally blind and subsists entirely on insects that it catches in the flowers of its home creeper by entangling them in long strands of mucus dangled from its mouth. Its large downturned ears and sensory whiskers alert it to an insect's arrival and tell it when to drop the mucus, which it aims at the flower's scent. As the slobber's hair grows in spiral tufts and is pervaded by a parasitic alga, it is completely camouflaged against the background of creepers, and when totally motionless can escape the attention of other predators.

One deadlier predator that the slobber takes pains to avoid is the hiri-hiri.

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