Current Situation on Snaiad by nemo ramjet

A map of Snaiad

is an exobiology project created by Nemo Ramjet.


Snaiad is more well-known for its strange organisms. The dominant terrestrial "vertebrates" bear a strange anatomy; they have two heads. The first, most obvious head has the sense organs, as well as the genitalia. The 'beak' evolved from sheaths which served as protection for their genitals. These fake 'jaws' can sometimes be used for biting or food-gathering, but they are never used to swallow food. This function is taken care of by the second head, which is the organ growing out of the 'vertebrates' chests. These secondary heads range from a simple, tongue like organ, to a very complex, larger organ. However, the common basic body shape of Snaiad's inhabitants is relatively earthlike; most species have four legs. Other animal phyla include arthrognathans, trilaterans, and elastozoans. Very few creatures who reside here can fly due to their hydraulic muscles.

The flora of Snaiad are the green plants and the red plants. The red plants are more closely related to the animals.